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Anyone trying to hit their driver straighter and longer, has probably wondered if an upgrade from their mass-produced, stock driver shaft, to a custom fit shaft would improve their golf game.

The main advantages of a custom shaft vs. a stock shaft are:

  • Custom shafts are more stable so your ball will fly straighter.
  • Custom shafts transfer more power and energy to the golf ball than mass-produced shafts. This increases your distance.
  • The Custom fitting process matches a shaft’s flex and torque properties with your natural swing characteristics.
  • Custom shafts give greater consistency. Mis-hit a stock shaft and the ball will go further off course than it would with a custom fit shaft. This is because the after-market shaft is built with advanced materials and a thicker tip diameter which make it stronger and rounder than the stock shaft.
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Golf club fitter adjusting the flex to a flat line
Flex, Weight and Custom Fitting

How would you like to add distance and tighten dispersion without changing your swing? Our fitters achieve this for our clients daily.

Flex is an important part of a good fitting as all golfers have different swing speeds and load points. Using the correct flex will help golfers maximise swing speed, transfer of energy into the ball along with better control.

Shaft weights vary from 40g to 80g in a wood. Weight is a key part of a good fitting. Correct weight with flex will help golfers achieve maximum speed for the weaker player and extra control for the power player.

Build Process
When a shaft is carefully tuned to the club head by a skilled club maker, the result is a stable FLO / PURE ( Flat Line Oscillation ) position, where the shaft will bend on the most stable plane and give you a more consistent impact position producing straighter shots with less curve.

When you book your fitting, you will see how this is done firsthand in the workshop, and you will instantly understand how this will improve your game.

Shaft Profile
Each golfer has a unique swing profile as do the shafts. Using trackman data we will profile match you to the right type of shaft to make sure that it bends and kicks to suit your swing.
Shafts are usually categorised by high, mid and low bend profile.
These bend profiles create different launch conditions.

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ACCRA Golf prides itself on creating the best golf shafts. Rather than selling to the mass market ACCRA’s primary concentration is to work in partnership with the world’s most talented professional club fitters.


OBAN’s focus on developing the best performing golf shafts in the world shows in the results achieved by top tier Tour players. Shafts are perfected by a precision engineering team to validate performance specifications.

VA Composites

Victor Afable has over 35 years of golf knowledge and industry experience. Victor is most recognized for his expertise in shaft concept and design. His proven track record spans shaft designs used by top Tour players around the world.

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