When your golf clubs are in need of repair it is always best to have an expert assess the situation and repair them correctly the first time. Here at PureForm Golf, Tim Sayers is our Master Builder with more than 20 years experience in repairing all types of golf clubs including modern, retro and hickory golf clubs.

Golf Club Repairs at PureForm Golf

  • Club Repairs – grip installation, shaft installation, adjustment and removal, bore through shaft install, remove shaft, lengthen shaft, shorten shaft.
  • Loft and Lie adjustment*
  • Additional Repairs – Replace ferrule, re-epoxy head, remove rattle

Tim Sayers – The Authority in Golf Club Repairs

  • PGA member since 1993 and learned the repair trade from an industry specialist and professional. Tim is renowned as the ‘authority in club repairs’
  • Tim has been repairing clubs for over 20 years.
  • Tim is an expert in all brands and guarantees his work.
  • He only uses original parts.
  • Australasian Hickory Champion

For further information on golf club repairs please email us on or call us on 1300GOLFLAB.

*When building a new club, in an effort to ensure we uphold the highest of building standards, we may need to alter the loft and lie angles of your clubs.  During this process there could be slight imperfections on the heads due to the alterations needed.

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