FLO – Flat Line Oscillation

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The 6 Key Steps to FLO

Step 1

Each shaft is put into two ball bearing rollers. When pressure is applied and the shaft is rotated by hand, the shaft will “snap into place” revealing the strongest spine in the shaft.

Step 2

Once this spine is found it is marked.

Step 3

Once the spine has been found the shaft is clamped into place.

Step 4

We FLO each club that is being built for you with the exact club head that you receive.
This is the only way to ensure that your built club will perform as expected.

Step 5

The shaft is loaded and released. Our highly skilled builders will then align the shaft, making minute changes to the positioning of the shaft until it oscillates on a flat plane.

Step 6

The final alignment position is marked and the rest of the build process continues.

Flo steps

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The Build – As important as the Fit

Club building

Every club purchased from PureForm Golf is hand-built to the exact specifications that were tested during a fitting. Our state-of-the-art build shop has the most technologically advanced club making equipment available. All of our machines throughout the building are calibrated to the same settings to provide accurate, consistent readings, which ensure that our tolerances are the best in our industry.

Build room

PureForm Golf measures and weighs every club head before building. We presort, weigh and measure frequency on every shaft and weigh each grip to ensure that we build each club one by one to the exact specification that you were tested or fitted to. This process assures that every customer will gain the same performance and results that they obtained during their fitting session. The build process takes approximately 6 hours per full set of clubs.


We build all our clubs using the FLO (Flat Line Oscillation) technique which ensures all of our shafts are aligned to the most stable bend plane for consistence and strength throughout the set.

On every major professional golf tour, including 95% of the Tour, the best golfers in the world chose to have their shafts aligned on the strongest bend plane of each individual shaft. FLO Technology makes sure the golf shaft performs consistently from shot to shot.

PureForm Golf giving golfers of all levels the Tour Pro Advantage with FLO.

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