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We fit, build and deliver, the best clubs for your swing.


Your new clubs should be precision matched to your swing. With our tour proven PureFit system, you are now able to get the exact right clubs to suit your swing and your game. We stock the leading brands and have the perfect combination of heads and shafts waiting to be fit to your game.


After your fitting with the latest Trackman(TM) technology your clubs will be hand built by our Club Build Professionals. We build the perfect golf club to suit your swing.

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PureForm Golf is committed to delivering the best clubs to suit your game and the best customer service to keep you coming back.

Straighter and Longer

Distance and Dispersion

This image shows a 25m distance gain and a tighter grouping after a PureForm Fit and Build.

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New found

Club Confidence

After going through a comprehensive and personalised PureForm fitting, you will have the confidence that the clubs that you are fitted to will get the job done. With 1000’s of combinations available from the top brands you will be assured that your set of golf clubs will be perfectly matched to your swing and your game.

Help your swing

With Custom Clubs

The benefits of custom fit golf clubs are much discussed in the golfing press and online golf forums. A recent article in Golf Digest highlighted the benefits of a club fitting discussing the fact that many golfers don’t develop the proper technique because they are compensating for ill fitting clubs. We feel that the new clubs give you the peace of mind that you deserve when you are enjoying a game of golf.

State of the art

Build Shop

Every club purchased from PureForm Golf is hand-built to the exact specifications that were tested during a fitting. Our state-of-the-art build shop has the most technologically advanced club making equipment available. All of our machines throughout the building are calibrated to the same settings to provide accurate, consistent readings, which ensure that our tolerances are the best in our industry.

We work with your

Favourite Brands

What To Expect

PureForm Fitting

Are your clubs FLO’d?

Flat Line Oscillation

Fitting Options

4 Hours

Ultimate Full Bag

Full assessment.

1.5 Hours


Add distance and increase accuracy.

2 Hours


Get the right shaft. Add 12+ metres per iron.

1 Hours


Get up and down more, It’s all about spin.

1 Hours


Correct shape for aiming, consistent roll.

1.5 Hours

Wood & Hybrids

Correct gapping. Fairway, hybrid, rescue.

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